Small Business SEO Services

ggIf you run a small business and want to be on-line then the single biggest obstacle is ranking within the search engines. Search engine optimization ( SEO) is a difficult process and requires expert search engine optimization knowledge to achieve the results you want and expect for your web site. We have developed several techniques to cost effectively get your site to rank and bring traffic from the major search engines. At the end of the day if your site is a well kept secret from the search engines then it is worthless. A well designed and optimized site can bring in thousands of dollars that you would otherwise not have in on-line business. We have optimized several sites for search engine rankings and they are profitable and rank well for their respective target markets.

SEO Pricing

It is difficult to give a pricing estimate for our Dallas SEO services because of several factors:

  1. Competitiveness of the search phrase. What does this mean? It is a lot easier to rank for “Mexican jumping beans” than it is to rank for “home mortgage”. So a lot more work would be required to get your site to rank with proper SEO techniques.
  2. Size of the site. Larger sites require more time as we optimize each page to rank within the search engines

But, to give a small business owner an idea of what to expect we have created an example. If you have a small business site and you simply want to rank for a local phrase like “Dallas Mexican restaurant ” then our basic package would cost you around $2000. If you had a more competitive phrase like ” auto insurance” you can expect to pay a lot more. This is because we will have to spend a lot more time to get your site ranking well due to the competitiveness of this phrase.

What to expect from our Small Business SEO services

Search Engine Optimization is a lengthy process. Any company that offers to quickly get you to the top of the Search Engines is promising you the moon. In the world of SEO and the Internet, rankings take time. You don’t get to the top of the search engines over night. MSN is usually the first to acknowledge a sites rank followed by Yahoo and lastly Google. This process can take anywhere from 3 months to a year and more if you are in a highly competitive field. What we offer is to educate you on what will be needed with an in depth analysis of your industry, and update you monthly with progress reports and ranking reports.

Our Small Business SEO services will include the following:

  1. We will sit down and discuss your business plan and objectives in relation to your SEO needs
  2. We will need to analyze your computing needs and resources
  3. Comprehensive analysis of your competition
  4. Research and development of targeted keywords list
  5. Search Engine Optimization of your web pages
  6. Multiple submissions to search engines and directories.
  7. Monthly monitoring of results and adjustments.